finger thoughts

I feel like I should be writing (as opposed to reading, sleeping or eating) but my fingers are trying really hard to resist the thoughts inside of them. Of course my fingers have thoughts. Don’t yours? It goes without saying that my toes have thoughts as well. Any body part that you can clench, curl or twist, is probably brimming with thoughts. It’s weird, though to have “brimming body parts.” Weird but not impossible. If your skin feels really tight, it’s probably not suffering from dry skin, but rather, from too many thoughts. They bubble under the surface and then they linger. Your fingers are trying to type accurate notes in your history class but instead the words “toast” and “shrunken heads museum” make their way in between “global” and “conflict.” Your fingers will speak when your brain tries not to. You know when you blurt something out then instantly wish you could un-blurt, un-think? Well your fingers can do that too.

They can also do a lot less. They can stop thinking, typing, telling stories. I haven’t blogged in almost a month because I let my skin get too tight. My thoughts circled back to my brain and there they’ve stayed, there they’ve lingered. People stop eating because they stomachs stop wanting food. Why weren’t brains designed in the same way? I guess there’d be fewer tortured artists. But I wonder… who wouldn’t trade some tortured fodder for just a moment of mindful rest? Until that bargain appears, my fingers will try to tell what my mind no longer wants.