nothing is perfect, it probably never will be, and maybe that’s ok, but i’m on the fence

I had a long day yesterday. You may have had a long day too. We can blame it on Monday or the way 80 degrees of humidity feels on your lower back (hot, wet) or maybe even on the one tourist in town who keeps emailing you that you’re doing your job wrong (sorry, man, human error).

This morning I attempted to clear my head with a walk on the beach. I took Emma Louise because she loves the beach and she’s probably my biggest fan and why wouldn’t I make time for her to run through the waves?

Things were going ok. Emma saw a puppy, jumped at him, wagged her tail. “Has she ever seen a puppy?” asked the mildly concerned owner. And I’m pretty sure Emma has seen a puppy. I smiled, called her back, we continued.

Emma barked at a woman on a bike. Bikes are weird. The woman threw her hand out, shouted “No! I’ve already been bitten this week!” and biked faster. I called Emma to me. The woman biked a little further, turned around and yelled, “dumbass!” Which I can only hope was directed at me and not my dog.

I laughed, almost cried. The clearing-my-head thing was not going well. Emma wagged her tail. I yearned for a second of her happy innocence. And then she rolled in a dead bird. Twice.

So nothing is perfect and it probably never will be. But Emma Louise still loves me and after a bath I think I love her too. We keep on keeping on however we can.


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