The seven dollar beer

Sitting in front of me is one of my local favorites, Westbrook white Thai. At that price I wonder how much the bud heavy costs. The guy next to me is drinking one and he hasn’t gotten off his phone in 15 minutes. I think he’s a lawyer. Or some other kind of ass.

I’m typing on my phone so I don’t keep staring at people around me. The girls across the bar are so much more interesting than the closed captions on the tv above. I can’t tell if they’re just friends or maybe lovers. I like how much wine they’ve been drinking. I came into the TV show too late.

My veggie burger is getting cold in it’s to go bag. You wonder though if that matters. It’s composed of vegetables. This one might have rice in it too.

I’m savoring the expensive beer. Maybe it isn’t expensive if I drink it long enough.

I think the four people to my left are: two sisters, a father, and a boyfriend of a sister. I think I’d like them if I interrupted their stories and said Hi!

I get sick of looking at my phone, scrolling. But I feel insular right now, I don’t want to talk to anyone. I’m very content with my beer. You know the first beer after a long day/ workout/ good sleep.

That guy just hung up his phone.


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